Monday, 2 September 2013

Goodbyes + New Blog

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I was a month and a few days due my date. I apologise for that. I will NO LONGER be posting here. Yes, I'm leaving. And I just wanted to say Thank You all for reading these posts and supporting MinerSkinn. Now just because I'm Leaving, DOSEN'T mean I'm shutting down Miner Skinn. I now give Full Controll to Majorapplenerd (AKA King Of Hacks) He has been a good friend contributing to MinerSkinn, And I hope he and all of you enjoy the future of what he will bring to MinerSkinn.

Now, I DON'T Have a new Blog yet, BUT I will set one up in the next few weeks, So stay tuned for the new adress.

Anyway, Thank You all. I will see you soon


Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Well hello everyone!

Pengii here. Now I know that it's been a LONG time since I've posted something on here (Nearly a year!) But don't worry, We are NOT closing! Well, sort of. This Blog will be Discontinued bot dont worry! August 1st I'll be making a NEW blog, And it WON'T just be minecraft! We will post a few update posts, But other the. That, Stay Tuned!


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pengii009 And Majorapplenerds' Top 10 Minecraft Sites

Hello Guys!

Have you checked out our vids yet? You can check them out on Major's chanel @

Anyway, Me and major have had a chat, And we've decided to tell you guys our favourite minecraft sites that made us make MinerSkinn!

Number 10:

Look, It may be the official minecraft site, But you can't do much on it.

Number 9: Minecraft Workbench

It's a pretty cool site, Just to many ads

Number 8: Miner Shoes

We made our skins on this site. We love it!

Number 7: Minebook

Still on Alpha, But a good job of a minecraft version of Facebook!

Number 6: Minecraft Fourm

It's ahh.... ahh... kinda hard to explain.... good site though

Number 5: Planet Minecraft

The site me and major have saved in our favourites bar  (We use google chrome)

Number 4: The word of Notch

Notch hasen't updated since december though...

Number 3: World of Minecraft

Ahh... Ahh... Good site?

Number 2: Skydaz

Our one stop mod shop*

*Mods are free


Number 1: MinerSkinn


Saturday, 5 May 2012

I'm back in town!

Hi guys! Majorapplenerd here,

As of our YouTube channel, A new video has been uploaded about the hunger games mod.
Unfortunately, I didn't win any of the 3 games I played, but you get the point.

ANYWAY... Today I am showing all of you,1 save i'm working on, and a really cool

the first save is my main save. It is my city/town, based on a farming village, it has a
blacksmith, butchery, bakery and 9 houses. it also includes naturaly mined diamonds, redstone, lapis lazuli.
In addition, The nether is one of the best nethers I have ever encountered. to the right it has a medium large
nether fortress, and behind the nether portal, a nehterrack mine, netherwart farm, and soul sand.

The mod I am going to introduce is the Gulliver mod!
In this mod you can shrink to the size of tom thumb or
grow to the size of the hulk. unfortunately most mods are
not compatible with this mod. =(

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

MinerSkinn Closing?

Hell No! Were not closing. BUT... I wont be posting any new posts for a little while, Cos' i'll be working on the MinerSkinn YouTube Channel, Another blog with a friend, And other personal stuff. I can't say for majorapplenerd though, He might be still uploading posts (hopefully) Oh! By the way, MinerSkinn will have a Facebook page soon. So yeahhhh. Subscribe to me on YouTube for MinerSkinn updates. byeee :)


Monday, 16 April 2012

MinerSkinn YouTube Page Confirmed!!! :D

MinerSkinn will be appearing through video in a couple of months! :D Me and major can't wait!!! We'll keep you up with updates throughout may. More updatesSsSs soon! :)


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

MinerSkinn YouTube Projects???

Hi Guys.

One of my friends had the idea to make a YT account for MinerSkinn! Do you think this is a good idea?
If we do end up doing this, We would upload probley the following:

*A "Let's Play" Type Series

*Mod, Texture Pack and skin reveiws

*Awesome Creations Bigger look

We would probley upload all of those once a month.

What do you think? Leave a comment bellow giving us ur feedback! :)


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update v0.2.1

Hello Everyone! Mojang updated Minecraft: Pocket Edition the other day. Bugs were fixed, Aswell as: *Dark tree trunks impossible to pick up *Invisible fences glitch (My god that was annoying!!!) And... *Resourse items in the world were always bright The new things they added where: *Different flying controls * New Added mob in survival: Pigs * Flying controls changed * More items in your inventory * New Settings So go get Minecraft: Pocket Edition or the Lite version today from the App Store, Or Google Play store (Android Market) -Pengii009

Friday, 23 March 2012

Awesome Creation Sneak Peek - Titan Tower

Hello Titans!

I am currently in the making of Titan Tower from the Comic Book/TV Show, Teen Titans. It will eventually look like this:

I will pot when it's done, And post the viewing of the tower on my YouTube page  
See Ya! :D


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Good News!!! :D

Look's like i'll be staying here for a while before I stop for a couple of months!
I'll release more posts. Stay Tuned! :D